Wednesday, November 26, 2008

pizza that cost you more than its prize

have you ever been charged more than the regular prize of the pizza.
you will be when you go out for pizza during lunch and at the same time you forget to put your parking ticket on a working day.
it is awfull. it can cost you double the prize of your pizza.
im talking based on life experience.
so next time you go otu for some pizza at town, remember your parking ticket.

Monday, November 24, 2008

love money, money love, love my money, money my love

do you love me or my money?
that is a question everyone should ask his/her lover.
it is a little bit offensive... so be creative when asking it.
sometimes we have to get things clear.
if love based on money, i cant assure it to last long.
but if we build our love on trust and sincerity, there is a better chance.

this a short post.
words of wisdom "a few words is enough for those who willing to listen and accept"

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Understanding Myself

the most crucial part of myself during this time is, knowing my purpose. like other teenagers out there, me myself always asked y am i here? what is our purpose on this earth. some simply give a general answer such as we are the ruler of the world, we were born to bring peace to this world or maybe answer such as your mom and dad make out, and suddenly there is you. these answer wont satisfy me... and i bet it does not satisfy any of us who is asking this question kind of question. and out of that dissatisfaction, i come out with a solution. before i cant find my purpose here, i need to understand myself first. who am i? how do i behave now? how do i think? this is my first step of understanding myself. and this could be your solution too. this is much more easier if you have a counselor to help, but i study from the internet, searching for information and got lost a lot. however, it is a new experience as i never thought of understanding human before. understanding myself will include not only physical measures, but also mental and psychology measure. physically we can see our body, but to understand what is going inside the body, a lot of work is needed to be done.

if someone asked me what is our purpose here, my simple answer would be understand yourself, and you might find the answer.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Need For Speed Goes Undercover Today

you heard the news, the NEED For SPEED franchise is releasing their latest adrenaline pumping game, Ned For Speed Undercover dated 18th November 2008. here is the American version cover.
i am a fan of need for speed, since underground. and my favourite, (like other fans of Need for Speed i know) is Need for Speed Most Wanted. we like the stories, we like the cars, we like the gameplay. and we love it because they are putting that back in Undercover. we expect the best of Undercover. with real action movie clips, and extreme graphic, im sure this latest series can keep up with it predecessor.

im looking forward to play this game next week or next month. this week? exam week! next week, racing week!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

why the government introduce the MNP (Mobile Number Portability)? For what purpose?

one explanation that i get from my uncle who is working at Jaring is this:

all the numbers existed in Malaysia are fully booked. (booked not used. booked means they might have turn it into prepaid sim card or save it for further postpaid customer) there is no more number left (i assume it is from 0121111111 to 0199999999). so to overcome this problem they decide that the number existed can be switch between the operators(or telcos). so no need for new number. you got to keep your old number and change your telco. this way the number existed will no longer being wasted. you got it??? no more wastage of numbers.

i asked how about adding 1 more number (making it become 11 number in total). and the answer is...
you got a lot of work to do with it. adding 1 number requires a whole system changes (might consumes more time and more money)

i guess the government is making a rite decision. our telco users doesn't exceed 70 millions yet... (as our country have only 27 millions of people living in and only 24 millions of phone numbers are subscribed to telcos) there is no need of adding another number in the existing numbers.

ps: visit our government websites sometime. you might be amazed by the facts and figures. (i do!!)

Don't use these product!

the ministry warns you.
as if you care...

these product are known to be containing scheduled poisons.
the products are : (drum beat plzzz)
1.O’lynn skin lightening cream for containing Tretinoin
2.Langsing Alami slimming products for containing Sibutramine

these are some of the prohibited product in the market. it might come in cheap, fast effect and works but it comes with a side effect, which is considered fatal by the ministry. Tretinoin might just get you a skin irritation but Sibutramine, you could end up in grave because of high blood pressure or heart failure.

y this happens?
i would says human's greed
the manufacturer's greed for money and the users' greed for perfect body.
can you see how dangerous greed is?

moral of the story: greedisgood... (try typing this in a warcraft 3 solo game)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

November and Need For Speed

see the picture above?
you sure you know what it is?
today is 12 of november. and this month a new highly expected game is about to release.
in 5 days... 5 days...
and if you are into gaming... you would know it.
that picture up there show you the maps of TRI-CITY, which happens to be the virtual city of our legal illegal racing!
owh im so excited to try out this game.

ps: would you mine visiting this blog more often so i can start collecting money to buy this game?

Monday, November 3, 2008

a friend, a card and a printer

a friend is in trouble.
he needs a card to send to his lover.
and here comes my newly bought printer to save the day :p

the main issue here is, i finally bought a new printer. it is a HP deskjet D2560.
this is the first time a bought a HP printer. setting the printer is not a problem.
it is so easy if you can follow the simple instruction given. that is what i like a bout HP products. it is easy. out of eagerness, I printed out the card that is designed by my friend, without checking my setting first. i was disappointed by the result. it didnt print well. so after wasting about 10 pages, i decided to check back on the HP cd that is given with the printer. and there it is! walla! it is not finish yet... i have to install some more software so that my computer can synchronize with the printer. and the print went well. SUPERB QUALITY!

and my friend was happy to have such beautiful card printed out from my amazing printer :p

moral of the story: make sure u have install everything before using an HP product :p