Thursday, August 27, 2009


responsible is originated from the word respond.
Responsibility is a state of being responsible.

When you say some one is responsible, it shows that the person is able to respond.

Irresponsible person is not able to respond.
A dead body are not able to respond.
Thus, an irresponsible person is a dead body.

Simple logic.

I am not able to respond to your question.
I am dead.

If it is that simple...

Monday, August 24, 2009

A is for Angel

Madam A is one of my father's colleague.
I can describe her as very friendly, talkative, caring and sincere.
Last 2 weeks, we went to visit her.
She had a surgery. A successful one.
She is in recovery and staying at her home in Seremban.
Her hospitality is very good.
I would say it is very rare for me to meet people like her.
She is very detail and conscious when it comes to serving her guest.
We arrive at her house late in the evening.
Even though my father decline for a long stay, she made us have coffee with her.
What touch my heart is, how she treat her maid.
Her maid is not very clever.
But, she is very patience with her.
The goal is to make her learn how to do things.
You would not have that much patience when dealings with the maid.
She can hardly do anything right.
But Madam A is.

I see an angel that day.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Push! or Pull?

sometimes we need that push.
If not push, we might need the pull.
Push someone who is in static position so he can start moving action.
Pull someone who is totally helpless and already down.
Spread our love among our brothers, care for each other.
why do we need to be successful alone when we can be successful together?