Sunday, February 1, 2009

Meet Uncle Rosly

ehehe.. this is not a new indie band... juz sharing some inspiring story...

since he is small, uncle Rosly live in a peacefull village. when he grow up, he was accepted to a high school. for your information, back in the 60s, all high schools medium of communication are english. but uncle rosly dont know how to speak english. the only english he know is THANK YOU...

at high school, there is a field of grass which has a sign "keep off the grass", not knowing the meaning of that sign, uncle rosly cross the field innocently. them the prefects arrest him. he was questioned in english. in his blurred situation, a friend told the prefects that he does not understand english at all. so he is saved.

this incident encourage him to learn english harder. each day, he read at least 1 book written by Enid Blyton. he uses the dictionary most of the time. after all the hardwork, he can understand english.

now, all of his hardwork had made him a succesful person. he was an engineer and now teaching children mathemathics, in english of course!