Wednesday, September 24, 2008


who is a mentor?
who is your mentor??
why we need mentor???

if we refer to, they define mentor as "A wise and trusted counselor or teacher."

mentor is someone who can lead us, can teach us about something we dont know. mentor is important as they help us.

mentor could be anyone, our dad, our neighbour, our school teacher even our friends can be our mentor. mentor is crucial especially as we grow up. we have a lots of things that we dont know and our mentor can help us. whether you to excel in your study, your business or your life mentor can come in handy.

so who do you trust to become your mentor?

Monday, September 1, 2008

Ramadhan: more than fasting

there is something more in ramadhan.
fasting is the obligation during ramadhan.
but there is more in ramadhan than fasting itself.
in ramadhan, is the chance for the Muslims to repent their self, myself.
this is the month where ALLAH blessing is the most. each good deed are favored with multiple blessings. this is the only month with such gift.
and the most valuable gift in ramadhan is lailatul qadar. it was told in the holy AL QURAN as the night that is better than a thousand month. this is the chance for Muslims to gain more blessing from ALLAH.
for those who use ramadhan wisely, will benefit so much.
i hope i can meet the next ramadhan...